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 how to start meat delivery business in bharatpur

 how to start meat delivery business in bharatpur. You are at right place we have amazing team who will help you to make your Meat delivery app like licious. You can start  meat delivery business with our ready to launch app. In this app combo you will get.: 

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Success Story of meat delivery app how licious become succesful

Licious was launched back in 2015 by Abhay Hanjura and Vivek Gupta. The idea that foodies will go any extend or travel many miles to get quality and variety food was the trigger behind the innovation of such an app.

A platform that caters fresh meat delivery was expected to get an emotional response from foodies which came true when the popularity of the app got skyrocketed in no time.

  • With more than 2000 employees, Licious boasts of delivering the meat within two hours of order time.
  • The Licious team claims to process more than 17,000 orders every day.
  • The focus of brand was consumer loyalty, and the company’s goal was to maintain freshness and product quality in addition to safe and secure transactions.
  • An average estimate of a basket size is Rs.700/- and the revenue was a gigantic 1.47 crores the very first year.
  • At present, there is a customer base of 3 lakh and more with a whopping revenue of more than 180 crores in the recent records.
  • University of California, Bertelsmann India Investments, and 3one4 Capital, are among the major funding sources and they were able to raise $94.5 million in a short span of time.
  • Licious is growing year after year and the present stats show a whopping healthy rate of 300%. With assured hygiene of products, introduction of more ready to cook and eat products and various strategies in meat innovation and consumption in the country, the app is expected to hit even more heights in upcoming years.


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